Old Testament Studies 9 (2012)

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The Society for Old Testament Study in Japan (日本旧約学会) published its 9th issue of Old Testament Studies (Kyūyaku-gaku Kenkyū) last month. This year’s issue includes 2 articles and 4 symposium addresses. All of the articles and talks are in Japanese, but, following the common practice in Japan, the journal includes an English table of contents.

Old Testament StudiesKyūyaku-gaku Kenkyū 9 (2012)


English Table of Contents of Old Testament Studies 9


Yuko Takahashi, “Josiah’s Reform and its Relationship to Psalms 72 and 80” (pages 1–14)

Randall Short, “Was David a Monotheist According to the Books of Samuel?” (pages 15–35)

Symposium: “Old Testament Studies and Preaching”*


Hirohide Koshikawa, “The Meaning and Application of the Old Testament for the Present Worship and Sermon in Japanese Context” (pages 39–54)

Katsuki Hirano, “Preaching and Old Testament: From a Perspective Guided by Recent Trends in Homiletics in North America” (pages 55–89)*

Chikara Oshima, “Prophetic Imagination and Preaching” (pages 91–101)

Koichi Namiki, “A Survey of Antiphrasis in the Book of Job as an Application of the Theme” (pages 103–124)


Japanese Table of Contents・『旧約学研究』第9号の目次


高橋 優子「ヨシヤの改革と詩篇72・80篇」(1–14頁)




越川 弘英「今日の礼拝と説教における旧約聖書の位置づけと活用」(39–54頁)

平野 克己「教会の礼拝説教と旧約聖書ーアメリカの説教学の変遷と重ね合わせながらー」(55–89頁)

大島 力「預言者的想像力と説教ー旧約学と説教の接点を求めてー」(91–101頁)

並木 浩一「総論とヨブ記のアンティフラシス」(103–124頁)


  1. Japanese readers may find Susumu Higuchi’s online (Japanese) report about the symposium to be a helpful summary of the addresses.
  2. Katsuki Hirano’s address includes, as an appendix (pages 73–87), a Japanese translation of M. Craig Barnes’s sermon, “Preaching to the Rabble” (Numbers 11:1–6), delivered at the Festival of Homiletics on May 19, 2010. The Japanese title is 「”雑多な他国人”への説教」.
  3. I corrected one typo in Hirano’s address title (“Homiletics North America” to “Homiletics in North America”).
  4. Inquiries about this and other issues of Old Testament Studies may be addressed to:
    The Society for Old Testament Study in Japan
    Tokyo Union Theological Seminary
    3–10–30 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo 181–0015

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