About Japanese Biblical Studies

This blog is unique . . .

It is the only blog in the English-speaking world about Biblical Studies in Japan and/or by Japanese speakers.

This blog will open new windows into . . .

Biblical Interpretation in Japan. Behind the veil of the Japanese language there is a highly impressive body of writing and teaching about the Bible. But even within Japan, many Japanese are unaware of it. I hope to help lift that veil.

Biblical and Theological Education in Japan. Japan is an amazing place to live, teach, and learn. I hope to give people outside of Japan many peeks at the who, what, where, when, and why of biblical studies in Japan. And I hope that some will come to collaborate with individuals and institutions in Japan.

Thought and Culture in Japan. What we say about the Bible says a lot about us. And the questions we ask answer questions about us.

This blog will help to connect . . .

I hope it will help non-Japanese scholars and students of the Bible to discover and connect with Japanese counterparts who share their interests. This is difficult, of course, because of the language barrier. But overcoming that barrier is a large part of what makes the journey fun.

This blog will feature . . .

News – Conferences, special events, exhibitions, grants, and projects
Publications – Books and articles . . . print and digital
People – Researchers, writers, teachers . . . in the academy and the church
Education – Institutions, programs, and courses
Pop Culture – Bible in Japanese popular culture
Nota Bene – Notable topics about the Bible from outside Japan


About Me

My name is Randall Short.

I received my doctorate degree (Th.D.) in Old Testament / Hebrew Bible at Harvard Divinity School.

I’m a Professor of Old Testament at Tokyo Christian University.

I teach courses in biblical studies and languages in both the English and Japanese degree programs at TCU. I also teach courses in TCU’s new graduate program.

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I am the author of The Surprising Election and Confirmation of King David (Harvard Theological Studies 63).

I am Associate Editor at BeeOasis.com, a Liberal Arts & Sciences website for ESL / EFL learners, and for native English speakers who are emerging readers.

Connect with me

On Twitter: @jrandallshort (English) OR @randshort (Japanese – 日本語)

On Google+

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  1. Hi, great to see your info. Perhaps you might find this book on Amazon interesting and useful. Bibliography is big. Jesus for Japan. Creating Cultural Bridges to Christianity.
    Mariana Nesbitt

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