Bible-Related Bestsellers for July 2012

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Here are the top-selling Bible-related books for July 2012 on Kyo Bun Kwan’s Best 20 list. It’s interesting to note that the number of Bible-related books in the top 20 doubled this month, with 10 titles compared to June’s 5 titles (see my post on the Best 20 for June 2012).


⇡ 2. Bible navi: With Explanatory Notes on the Shinkaiyaku and Applications
BIBLE navi (バイブルナビ)聖書 新改訳解説・適用付

↑ 3. Jesus’ Words: Kesen Dialect (about the Kesen Dialect)

↓ 5. Bible Guide for First-time Readers

↑ 6. New Bible Talk (Bible Reading Automatic Player)

⇡ 8. Jeshua of Galilee: Japanese Translation of the Four New Testament Gospels

⇡ 11. From Eden to Golgotha: Christian Lectures 2

⇡ 13. Jesus and Paul: Christianity’s Foundation and Architects

⇡ 14. Intellectual History of “the Prodigal Son”: Reading Jesus’ Parable
《放蕩息子》の精神史: イエスのたとえを読む

⇡ 17. The Last Jesus

↓ 19. Christianity and the Bible



  1. English titles are my translations.
  2. The arrow reflects a title’s position in the top 20 chart relative to its position during the preceding month only; it does not indicate a rise or fall in overall sales. The dotted arrow (⇡) is used for titles that were not on the chart in the previous month.
  3. The link to Kyo Bun Kwan’s Best 20 list leads to a page that is updated monthly; there is no archived page that I can find.


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