Japan Society of New Testament Studies Meeting

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The Japan Society of New Testament Studies (日本新約学会・Nihon Shinyaku Gakkai)will hold its annual meeting in Nagoya on September 7–8, 2012.

Nagoya Gakuin UniversityNagoya Gakuin University, Nagoya Campus (Site of the JSNTS Meeting)

Here are the presenters, paper titles (translations mine), moderators, and other speakers:

Friday, September 7

Mineko Honda, Nisho Gakusha University
The Significance of “Righteousness that Exceeds that of the Pharisees” in Jesus’ Thought

Masashi Sawamura, Hiroshima Jogakuin University
Matthew 28:20 and the Contents of “Everything” Commanded

Kenichi Oishi, Hiroshima University
The Gospel of Mark as an Antithesis Against Abstract Christology

Akio Lee, Mitaka Lutheran Church
“Transgression” and “Disease” in Luke’s Travel Narrative 

Shizuka Uemura, University of Tokyo
Why Didn’t Luke Record Paul’s Final Days? On Luke’s Historical Consciousness

Opening Service
Tomohiro Omiya, Nagoya Gakuin University

Takaaki Haraguchi, Tohoku Gakuin University
Manabu Tsuji, Hiroshima University
Takashi Onuki, Jiyu Gakuen

Saturday, September 8

Kōta Yamada, Keiwa College
A Rhetorical Analysis of John the Baptist’s Sermon in Q (tentative title)

Yutaka Maekawa, Doshisha University
Salvation Ideology in John 9 (tentative title)

Yoshinori Uchida, Ashiya Iwazono Church
Peace and Sufferings in Romans 5:1–3a: An Attempt at Exegesis Based on Two Categories of God’s Righteousness

Shinobu Yoshida, Mukyokai Kenshūjo
On the Appearances in “the First Letter to the Congregation of Corinth” 15:5ff.

Kiyoshi Tsuchido, Tohoku Gakuin University (Emeritus)
Seiichi Yagi, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Emeritus)
Migaku Sato, Rikkyo University

Closing Remarks
Tashio Aono, Seinan Gakuin University

*See the JSNTS’s conferences page (Japanese) for information about the venue and program schedule.

Names and paper titles in Japanese

  1. 本多峰子(二松学舎大学)「イエスの思想における<ファリサイ派の義にまさる義>の意味」
  2. 澤村雅史(広島女学院大学)「マタイによる福音書28章20節『すべて』の指示内容について」
  3. 大石健一(広島大学大学院)「抽象的キリスト論に対するアンチテーゼとしてのマルコ福音書 ――マルコの結びの問題」
  4. 李 明生(日本福音ルーテル三鷹教会)「ルカ旅行記における『逸脱』と『病』」
  5. 上村 静(東京大学)「ルカはなぜパウロの最期を記さなかったか――ルカの歴史認識――」
  6. 山田耕太(敬和学園大学)「Q文書における洗礼者ヨハネの説教の修辞学的分析(仮)」
  7. 前川 裕(同志社大学)「ヨハネ福音書9章の救済思想(仮)」
  8. 内田吉則(芦屋岩園教会)「ローマ人への手紙5:1-3aにおける平和と苦難 ――二種類の神の義に基づく釈義の試み」
  9. 吉田 忍(無教会研修所)「『コリントの信徒への手紙一』15章5節以下における顕現について」

Moderators (司会)

  • 原口尚彰(東北学院大学)
  • 辻 学(広島大学)
  • 大貫 隆(自由学園最高学部)
  • 土戸 清(東北学院大学名誉教授)
  • 八木誠一(東京工業大学名誉教授)
  • 佐藤 研(立教大学)

Opening Service and Closing Remarks

  • 大宮有博(名古屋学院大学)– 開会礼拝
  • 青野太潮(西南学院大学)– 閉会の挨拶

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I’m a scholar in Chinese translation and hermeneutics of the Bible from UBC, Canada. I am currently working on a project to compare very early Chinese, Korean, and Japanese translations of the Bible, collaborating with a few other Korean studies experts from UBC and UCLA. I wonder if any of you know any Japanese scholars who are experts in the Meiji Version and Taisho Translation of the Japanese Bible. Please recommend some for us to contact if you can, thanks!

    Clement Tong

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